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Home Use Non-Stick Iron Stir-Frying Wok

Home Use Non-Stick Iron Stir-Frying Wok

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This Practical Gift - Home Use Non-Stick Iron Stir-Frying Wok is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook. It is made of high-quality cooked iron, which makes heat conduction faster and ensures a long-lasting cooking experience. The curved bottom is designed for stir-frying and is specially designed for gas stoves. The single handle design makes it easy to pick up and use.KEY FEATURES

TRADITIONAL CRAFT, ONE-PIECE FORGING: Cooked iron one-piece forging, curved bottom, designed for stir-frying, gas stove dedicated, faster heat conduction

SINGLE HANDLE DESIGN: easy to pick up, convenient to use. Use it to improve your cooking skills

NON-COATED & NON-STICK: both frying and cleaning, more convenient. Stir fry with it, more fragrant, healthier

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: preferably made of cooked iron, you can use it when you get it. It is special for stir-frying, and the cooked iron process makes heat conduction faster.


Material: Cooked Iron

Size: 30cm

Features: Non-Coated, Non-Stick

Depth: 9-13cm

Weight: 1.1-1.6 kg

Lid Type: No Lid

Suitable Stove: Gas Stove


Home Use Non-Stick Iron Stir-Frying Wok * 1


Please use the correct heat source.

Please do not use the pan for other purposes.

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Home Use Non-Stick Iron Stir-Frying Wok