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Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

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Time-consuming manual knife sharpening?

Safety risks due to slippery blades during manual sharpening?

Achieve razor-sharp edges effortlessly in just 5s!

Designed for convenience and precision, this electric sharpener
offers a quick and efficient way to sharpen your knives to perfection.


ELECTRIC CONVENIENCE: The electric operation of the sharpener eliminates the need for manual sharpening. Simply insert your knife into the designated slot and let the sharpener do the work. It saves time and effort, making sharpening quick and hassle-free.

2-STAGE SHARPENING: The sharpener features a 2-stage sharpening process, including coarse grinding, fine grinding. Each stage is designed to gradually restore the knife's edge, from reprofiling to refining, resulting in a razor-sharp blade.

VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: This sharpener is suitable for various types of knives, including straight edge, serrated, scissors and Japanese-style knives. It accommodates different blade thicknesses and ensures consistent results across different knife styles.

SAFE AND STABLE: The sharpener features an easy-to-use design with intuitive controls. It has non-slip feet for stability during operation and a compact size for convenient storage.


Power Interface: USB


Body Material:ABS



1* Electric 4-Stage Knife Sharpener


It is recommended to clean the sharpener regularly to maintain optimal performance.

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Professional Electric Knife Sharpener