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3.6V Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver Kit

3.6V Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver Kit

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Tired of manual screwdrivers slowing you down?

Meet your new go-to tool! Our 3.6V Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver Kit is here to make your projects a breeze.


Powerful 3.6V motor for efficient and quick screwdriving.

Rechargeable battery for cordless convenience.

Versatile design with multiple attachments for various tasks.

Elevate your DIY projects with speed and ease.


PRECISION POWER CONTROL - The 3.6V motor of our Electric Screwdriver Kit is complemented by an adjustable torque feature. This allows you to customize the force applied, ensuring the perfect balance for any screwing task.

EMERGENCY STOP FUNCTION - We prioritize safety. The kit includes an emergency stop setting, instantly halting operation when needed. This feature is crucial for unexpected situations, giving you peace of mind during operation.

CORDLESS CONVENIENCE - No more tangled cords! Our rechargeable battery ensures freedom of movement for your DIY projects.

RECHARGEABLE CONVENIENCE - Say goodbye to disposable batteries. Our kit is equipped with a rechargeable battery, making it both economical and environmentally friendly.

USER-CENTRIC DESIGN - We've prioritized user comfort. The tool is designed to be compact, lightweight, and features an ergonomic grip. Tackle your projects with efficiency and ease, minimizing fatigue during extended use.


Adjustable Torque: Yes

Voltage: 3.6V

Speed: 220 Rpm

Battery Capacity: 850mah

Torque Mode: Forward/Reverse

Torque: 10n(Manual)/1.5n(Auto)

Charging Mode: Type-C

Weight: 142g


For optimal performance and battery life, charge the screwdriver fully before first use. Use appropriate torque settings to avoid damage to screws and materials. Always follow safety guidelines and wear protective gear during operation.

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3.6V Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver Kit