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Labor-Saving Squid Knife Meat Tenderizer

Labor-Saving Squid Knife Meat Tenderizer

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VERSATILE USE: This tenderizer is perfect for cutting patterns into squid, cuttlefish, pork kidney, abalone, fish, chicken, duck gizzards, and more. It enhances the presentation and cooking quality of various dishes.

ADJUSTABLE CUTTING DEPTH: Features an adjustable depth setting that allows for precise cuts up to 0.9 cm deep. This flexibility ensures the perfect cut every time, accommodating different types of meat and cooking styles.

HIDDEN BLADES FOR SAFETY: Designed with hidden blades to enhance safety and convenience. This feature protects your fingers from accidental cuts while providing an efficient and smooth cutting experience.

IMPROVED FLAVOR AND TENDERNESS: This tool allows marinades and seasonings to penetrate more deeply, resulting in more flavorful and tender dishes. This enhances the taste and texture of your meals, making them more enjoyable.

DETACHABLE FOR EASY CLEANING: The tenderizer is fully detachable, making it easy to clean thoroughly. Its design ensures that every part can be quickly disassembled and washed.


Material: ABS + Stainless Steel

Size: 18.5*4.5*3.5cm

Blade Spacing: 0.4cm

Cutting Depth: ≤0.9cm

Package Includes: 1 * Labor-Saving Squid Knife Meat Tenderizer


Handle with care, especially when cleaning the blades, to avoid accidental cuts.

Regularly inspect the blades for dullness and replace them if necessary.

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Labor-Saving Squid Knife Meat Tenderizer