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Portable Car Jump-starter

Portable Car Jump-starter

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How often have you been stranded with a dead battery in your car outdoors? If so then join us. This compact device is your savior on the go, whether you're jump-starting your car or charging your laptop, smartphone or other electronic device.


JUMP START YOUR CAR - It can be used as an emergency ignition for cars with dead batteries, and is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles, electric cars, motorcycles, vans, etc.

CHARGING POWER FUNCTION - Simultaneously charge a variety of devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras and more. The 99800 mAh battery provides sufficient power to run your devices, ensuring you stay connected at all times.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE - Comes with power indicator, LED Flashlight, SOS rescue flash prompts,and The integrated LED flashlight with three modes (Steady, SOS, Strobe) is handy for emergencies, outdoor adventures, and low-light situations.

EASY TO LEARN - Easy to operate , you only need to insert the clip into the power supply to ensure sufficient power, connect the positive and negative poles, wait for the green light to light up, start the car switch, remove the clip within 30 seconds

SAFETY FEATURES - Multiple safety protections, including overcurrent, short-circuit, overcharge, and overheat protection, ensure safe usage and protect your devices.


Battery Capacity: 99800mAh

USB Output: 15V/1A,5V/2V

Input Voltage: 15V/2.1A

Output Voltage:12V

Dimensions: 165*82*35mm


1 * Portable Car Jump-starter


Charge the power supply regularly to maintain its readiness for emergencies.

For jump-starting your car, make sure to follow the included instructions carefully and connect the clamps properly to avoid damage or injury.

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Portable Car Jump-starter