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iPhone Toughened Film New Artifact Bracket

iPhone Toughened Film New Artifact Bracket

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Tired of spending expensive amounts to go to a cell phone store for a film?

Do you always apply the film by yourself with crooked and bubbles?

Have you ever thought that you can easily stick the perfect cell phone film by yourself? Yes, our product can help you do it. iPhone Toughened Film New Artifact Bracket*1

 is a semi-automatic film applicator that allows you to apply the perfect film to your phone in just a few simple steps, and say goodbye to air bubbles, dust, and crooked stickers.


Key Features


Life needs efficiency everywhere, and so does cell phone film. The iPhone Toughened Film New Artifact Bracket comes with its own film applicator, so say goodbye to air bubbles, dust, and crooked stickers.The dust-free quick-apply tempered film allows you to install the screen protector easily without generating bubbles and removing residues. The dust removal film will absorb dust through static electricity. It is attached to the phone screen without any gaps or bubbles, so it will not affect touch sensitivity.


No longer afraid to apply the film independently by yourself. Our iPhone Toughened Film New Artifact Bracket takes the fear out of applying the film yourself. Even if you're a novice you'll be able to get it done like a champ. The tempered film is easy to install and comes with a detailed installation guide. Easy film application in only 4 steps - Step 1: Snap the positioner onto the phone. Step 2: Pull out the pull strip. Step 3: Wait for a few seconds for automatic attachment. Step 4: Remove the artifact and tear off the outer film.


We have designed our tempered film with both anti-peep and HD screens for you to choose from. If you have a strong sense of privacy and don't want others to peek at your phone screen, then you need our anti-peep screen.


Create a 4K high transmittance tempered glass for you. This iPhone Toughened Film New Artifact Bracket is made of high quality tempered glass with 4K high transmittance for ultra-high resolution projection. Whether you are catching up on drama or playing games, you can have a super high quality experience. Meanwhile, the tempered glass is shatterproof to fully protect your device.


Specially plated anti-fingerprint coating for you. iPhone Toughened Film New Artifact Bracket steel plated with running oil raw material is more anti-fingerprint than the original screen. We use electroplated anti-fingerprint coating to make your cell phone does not leave fingerprints and hide dirt, long time to use as new. Designed specifically for iPhone, the nanohybrid screen protector can protect the screen from being damaged by keys and other sharp objects. What's more, the easy-install magic box can be reused many times, which is very friendly to the environment.




Type: Anti-Peep, HD

Size: iPhone14promax, iPhone14pro, iPhone14, iPhone14plus, iPhone13promax, iPhone13pro, iPhone13, iPhone12promax, iPhone12pro, iPhone12, iPhone15, iPhone15plus


Package Includes

iPhone Toughened Film New Artifact Bracket*1



1. Please allow 2-3cm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before purchasing.

2. Color may not appear as exactly as in real life due to variations between the computer monitors.


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iPhone Toughened Film New Artifact Bracket