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Automatic Home Fly Trap

Automatic Home Fly Trap

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Most users recommend this product. The best mosquito repellent ever!

It's a unique gift idea. Buy it now and give it to your family and friends! 

Real Customer Feedback:

"Fantastic! This Home Automatic Fly Trap has really cleaned up our house. We no longer have any problems with the annoying flies! - Anouk"

"A real change! Since we got this fly killer, we can finally enjoy our meals in peace. - Pieter"

Are you tired of flies in your home, restaurant, or supermarket?

The solution is here! Introducing our product, designed to quickly and effectively eliminate hundreds of flies with your inexpensive baits.

This unit is innovative and compact in its design, attracting flies from all directions with its effective 360° actions. Strategically placed bait stations draw the flies into the unit, and once inside, it rotates them around and guides them to the collection container where they meet their fate.

A safe and effective solution for many different spaces: Perfect for homes, kitchens, hotels, delicatessens, supermarkets, and greengrocers. This device is safe and uses no harmful chemicals to combat pests. The removable paper tray makes cleaning quick and easy, without needing to touch the removable parts with your hands!

A long-term investment for peace of mind and convenience: The rechargeable electric fly swatter is made of durable ABS and is an investment that provides peace of mind and long-term convenience.

Forget about pest problems and regain control of your space with this user-friendly and highly effective device.


Effortless pest control.

Compact, rechargeable design.

Attracts flies in 360°.

Safe and chemical-free.

Removable paper tray for easy cleaning.

Durable ABS material.

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Automatic Home Fly Trap