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Reusable Manual Feeding Syringe for livestock

Reusable Manual Feeding Syringe for livestock

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PRECISE CONTROL: Enables accurate dosing control for medications, supplements, and liquid diets, essential for effective veterinary care and treatment plans.

EFFECTIVE FEEDING: Facilitates efficient feeding of medications or liquid feed, ensuring animals receive the necessary doses without spillage or wastage.

ORAL PROTECTION: Features a gentle, rounded head to prevent oral injuries and scratches, ensuring safety and comfort for small and sensitive livestock.

STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL: Constructed from durable stainless steel, the syringe is resistant to rust and corrosion, providing longevity and reliability in agricultural and veterinary environments.

VERSATILITY: Suitable for various livestock including cattle, horses, sheep, and poultry, offering flexibility in veterinary practices and agricultural settings.


Material: Stainless steel, Plastic

Package includes: 1 * Reusable Manual Feeding Syringe for livestock


It is advisable to verify compatibility with specific medication viscosities to maintain smooth operation.

Avoid overfilling the syringe to ensure accurate dosing and prevent leakage.

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Reusable Manual Feeding Syringe for livestock