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1.2L Multifunctional Electric Pot Mini Ramen Cooker

1.2L Multifunctional Electric Pot Mini Ramen Cooker

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Steamer Basket
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Surprise your loved ones with this versatile kitchen essential!

Our 1.2L Multifunctional Electric Pot not only cooks perfect ramen but also offers a range of cooking options. From steaming vegetables to boiling eggs, this mini cooker is a true culinary companion. Its sleek design and vibrant colors make it a delightful addition to any kitchen.

Elevate your cooking experience with our Mini Ramen Cooker - where safety, convenience, and versatility meet in one delightful package.


YOUR TRAVEL BUDDY - Compact and lightweight, it's your perfect Travel Companion, making it easy to whip up delightful meals anywhere your adventures take you.

EFFORTLESS MASTERY - Effortless Cooking is at your fingertips. Prepare diverse dishes with ease, whether it’s ramen, soups, or steamed delights - culinary perfection made simple.

VERSATILE MARVEL - Unleash your culinary creativity with its Versatility. From basic ramen to gourmet experiments, this cooker adapts to your every culinary whim.

SAFE & SECURE - Equipped with Over-Heating Protection, our Mini Ramen Cooker ensures worry-free cooking, allowing you to focus on creating delicious meals.

NON-STICK MAGIC - Experience the joy of effortless cleaning and healthy cooking, thanks to its advanced non-stick coating - your recipes glide off without a hitch.


Capacity: 1.2L

Colors: White, Green, Purple

Steamer Basket: With, Without

Power: 300 W

Dimensions: As shown


Please follow the user manual for proper usage and cleaning instructions. Always ensure the pot is on a stable surface during operation.

The steamer basket adds versatility to your cooking but can be removed for regular use. 

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1.2L Multifunctional Electric Pot Mini Ramen Cooker