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Car windshield spray water repellent antifogging agent

Car windshield spray water repellent antifogging agent

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Wide Applications

Car Anti Fog Spray can be used for car windows, rearview mirrors, bathroom glass, cosmetic mirrors, glass doors, motorcycle helmets sunshades, glasses, swimming goggles, snorkeling face covers, binoculars lights, etc.

Clear Vision

Anti Fog Spray prevents water from wetting the windshield and mirrors, improving visibility and clear vision in wet weather, thereby increasing driving safety.

Automatic Film Formation

Defogging Spray sprayed on the window glass can automatically and quickly form a water-blocking film on the glass surface, making the wipers work better.


Long-lasting Effect

Anti Fog Spray for Glasses adopts new waterproof technology, the effect is longer lasting, and the resistance to environmental factors is stronger. It is odorless, long-lasting, breathable, invisible, and super hydrophobic.


Easy to Use

Windshield Defogger easily removes dirt, pet saliva, grease, fingerprints, tree sap, bu-gs, and more. Just spray on the desired area, no polishing is required.

Volume: 100ml
Usage: Car Windshield


Always read the instructions before use.
Do not apply on a wet or damp surface.
Do not use in direct sunlight.
Keep away from children.

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Car windshield spray water repellent antifogging agent